How Should I Teach My Child To Brush Their Teeth?

Child Brushing Her Teeth

Introducing toothbrushing to your child as soon as their first tooth appears can help establish good oral hygiene habits in their early years. Explaining why and teaching your child how to brush their teeth not only sets them up for creating a sparkling smile but also instills crucial habits for their overall well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore the correct brushing technique to teach your child, and other ways to introduce them to the world of toothbrushing.


Explain The Importance Of Brushing Their Teeth:

Sitting with your child and explaining the importance of toothbrushing and their general oral health is essential for them to understand why they need to brush their teeth and helps them to keep this habit.


Make Brushing Fun And Engaging:

Turn toothbrushing into an enjoyable activity by allowing your child to choose their own colourful toothbrush and favourite-flavoured toothpaste. By doing so, your child can help them feel excited about toothbrushing rather than a chore. Consider playing a fun song or using a timer for 2-3 minutes to make brushing time feel like a game and help them understand how long they need to brush for.


Teach The Correct Technique:

Demonstrate to your child the correct brushing techniques to help them clean their teeth properly. Ensure they are using the right amount of toothpaste. For 0–3-year-olds,  it should be a rice-sized amount, and for 3-6-year-olds, a pea-sized amount. The toothbrush should be angled at 45 degrees, and move the toothbrush gently back and forth with short tooth-sized strokes, with the toothbrush held vertically when brushing the front teeth. Make sure both the front and back teeth are brushed, as well as the tongue, to remove bacteria. Using a mirror can help your child view and improve their technique.


Brush Your Teeth With Your Child:

Brushing together allows you to lead by example, and lets you little one understand how to correctly brush their teeth. Additionally, you’ll be able to assist and supervise their brushing, help guide their hand, and correct their brushing motion.


Establish A Consistent Toothbrushing Routine:

Consistency is key when forming habits, and incorporating brushing with consistent timings into their daily routine can make it easier for your child to make brushing a habit and prioritise their oral health.


Positive Reinforcement:

Praising or rewarding your child for brushing their teeth independently, as well as celebrating milestones such as new teeth or visiting the dentist, can help them create this habit in a positive way.


Teaching your child how to brush their teeth is an investment for their current and future well-being. By making toothbrushing a positive and exciting experience through creativity and positive reinforcement, you can ensure your child develops the skills necessary to maintain a healthy and radiant smile! If you are looking to register your little one with a new dentist, contact us today to book an appointment with our experienced and friendly team!