Teeth Whitening

Revitalise your smile with whitening that works.

Our effective stain busting treatment will brighten your smile and boost your confidence. Your teeth may be less than pearly white for a variety of reasons including smoking, regular consumption of coffee or red wine, and ageing. Our handy take-home whitening procedure (Boutique Whitening) uses a gentle chemical process to combat disappointing discolouration and refresh your look.

Teeth Whitening, Teeth Whitening

First, we try to ascertain what has caused the discolouration, then we take impressions of your teeth so mouth trays can be custom-made to fit perfectly. When the trays are ready, we will show you how to use them with the highly effective gels which can either be worn for an hour in the day time (By Day gel) or while you sleep (By Night gel). Both types of gel are worn for two weeks, so it won’t take long for you to see noticeably whiter results.

Your lighter smile can be maintained by simply purchasing more tubes of gel to use with your tailor-made trays. And you can have whiter teeth for longer by keeping them clean, avoiding smoking and watching what you eat and drink.

Not only does our teeth whitening procedure make you look healthier, improve your confidence and offer lasting results, it is also overseen by a qualified dental professional so it is a much safer choice.

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