Six Month Smiles

Straighten up in super quick time.

This smart straightening solution is perfect for adults because its clear brackets and tooth coloured wires make it subtle, as well as quick. And Six Month Smiles® works so swiftly because it focuses only on those teeth that are visible when you smile.

Before going ahead with treatment, we need to make sure you are a suitable candidate for this style of straightening. If you are, custom-made brackets will be fixed securely in place and these will hold the wires that pull your teeth to their new position.

Six Month Smiles, Six Month Smiles

When your brace has been fitted, you will need to come back every few weeks so we can make those little adjustments that ensure your teeth move in the right direction.

Following treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your newly aligned teeth in place. If you don’t, your teeth could revert back to their former position.

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