What happens at your dental check-up?

, What happens at your dental check-up?

We all know dental check-ups are an essential part of maintaining our oral health, but what exactly is the dentist doing and checking each time, and why is this important?

  • We check jaw joints to ensure things are working smoothly: Many people have ‘clicky’ jaw joints but if you notice pain or discomfort in your jaw it’s best to let the dentist have a look. Grinding or cleacnhing your teeth can put stress on these joints and lead to head and neck ache.
  • We check your lips and all the soft tissues inside your mouth to screen for oral cancer and other signs of disease: If you notice anything in your mouth that concerns you we will be happy to have a look. Dentists are trained in all aspects of oral disease during our five years in university.
  • We inspect the teeth for signs of tooth decay, tooth wear, cracks and the condition of existing restorations: We have the training and experience necessary to detect dental problems so we can treat them before things get worse, and often can give you valuable advice to prevent future problems.
  • We check your gums for signs of gum disease and presence of plaque and tartar: Every time you have a check-up we also look at your gums; they are just as important for your oral health as your teeth.
  • We look at your bite/colour of your teeth and any other concerns you may have: We offer tooth whitening, braces and many other treatments to help improve the look of your teeth, and your check-up is the ideal time to discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Sometimes we need to take x-rays or take photos: We use digital x-rays and have a special intra-oral camera so we can have a look at your teeth straightaway, and so can you!

Nowadays time is precious and we all lead busy lives, but regular dental check-ups can save us time and money in the long run, and help us maintain healthy smiles for a lot longer!